Fratelli Animali (Animal Brothers)


Back home in Iowa, I have an older brother and a younger sister. Even though we're still siblings, since we're grown up and we're all living in different places, we've turned into friends rather than fighting like we used to when we were little! Living with my Italian host family with four boys, however, takes me back to my childhood. Instead of my siblings and me yelling, "MOOOooom!" the boys yell, "MAMA!" and now I know how my mom must have felt when she asked us, "Why can't you just get along!"

I have four host brothers. Davide is 14 years old and is in his first year of high school, Simone is 12 years old, Marco is 9 years old, and Stefano is 7 years old. I only asked Stefano and Marco a few questions since their answers had to be translated through Claudia, but Simone and Davide were able to answer all these questions in English.

Despite the noisiness and general craziness of four boys ripping like a tornado through the apartment everyday, it's been fun living with four little brothers! Even though I don't think I'll ever understand little boys, I have learned more about what life is like for Italian children growing up.