Coastal Ragwort and the Maltese Everlasting


One thing that I've mentioned a lot in past posts is Malta's size. Both Malta and Gozo are very small. So small that I could probably walk across Gozo in less than three hours! Despite this small size, the islands have a very interesting climate that allows for many different plants and animals. Many of these plants and animals are endemic (native to a specific region) to Malta and grow nowhere else. Unfortunately, as winter approaches, many plants are not blooming. This includes one of the most interesting: the Maltese Everlasting. The plant is called this because when picked and preserved, the flowers can stay colorful. They can stay colorful and lively for as long as 3 years! I wanted to find this plant, but unfortunately it only blooms between April and June.  I found what I thought was this plant, but instead was a different kind: the less rare but still native coastal ragwort. I will talk about that one here.

What does this creature or plant look like?:

The coastal ragwort has yellow flowers with about eight petals each. They look very much like smaller daffodils. While in the pod, they look like a dandelion that is about to bloom. The plan is usually between one and three feet high. Generally, the plants grow with long stalks that sprout many flowers. Like the Maltese Everlasting, it smells like curry.