Trash in Terengganu


Far from the bright lights of the metropolitan (city) capital, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Terengganu is a much quieter state. In Kuala Terengganu roads are lined with small, open-air restaurants, colorful lights and plastic chairs welcome patrons from afar and delicious smells seal the deal, promising tasty meals to come. Besides the typical car and motorbike traffic, you will also find the occasional heard of cows meandering along the streets, stopping traffic and “mowing” the grass as they wander through the suburbs.

In neighborhoods, one-story houses are nestled together, separated by high cement walls and large metal gates. Cars and motorbikes rest just inside the ornate metal gates. At the front door of the house, you'll often find a rack to set your shoes before you enter. Houses have high ceilings and cool tile or cement floors. Can you guess how these architectural features may be essential to reducing heat in a hot climate? Bedrooms border large inviting living rooms lined with low couches with thick cushions, while the kitchen can be found at the back of the house.

Most kitchens don’t have an oven, dishwasher or microwave. Instead, gas stoves burn merrily on countertops as water purification systems patiently filter drinking water and racks for hand-washing dishes wait expectantly by the sink. 

Cats and fluffy kittens chasing one another throughout the house, waiting for their next meal.