Moving Katy Through KT (Kuala Terengganu)


Terengganu is a large state full of many different modes of transportation! Bikes, buses, cars, motorbikes, boats and planes are just a few of the vehicles people use in Terengganu to help them move from point A to point B. Despite the vast variety of vehicles used in Terengganu, the geographic features (physical features such as rivers, roads and paths) of one’s route will determine which mode of transportation is best to use.

What does your daily route look like? What mode of transportation is best suited to this route? Now go find your vehicle and let’s go for a ride!

How do people get around?:

The streets and sidewalks of the Universiti are a bustle of different modes of transportation! Crowds of first years traverse (travel through) campus by kayoh (bike) or by foot. Guaranteed housing on campus, first years don’t have to travel too far to reach their classes and activities and frequent the covered paths providing conduits from one side of campus to the other. Covered paths are necessary in Malaysia due to the harsh sun, extreme heat and rain experienced throughout the year. When venturing to locations beyond the covered path, some students carry parasols (umbrellas) used to protect against the sun and escape the heat.