Traveler Bio

Hola a todos! Hi, everyone! My name is Dana Alimena and I am 23 years old. I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and went to Pitzer College in southern California. Before going to college I traveled throughout China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, where I taught English in many different schools without really knowing how to best teach and explain the English language. Having been taking Spanish classes since 8th grade (with little success), I was interested in the most effective way to teach a second language. When I got back home I decided to get my Teaching English as a Second Language (TEFL) certification through a program called BridgeTEFL. In college, I studied abroad for one semester in Costa Rica and one semester in Spain to fully immerse myself and improve my Spanish language skills. After college, I applied for a U.S. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant to teach in Peru and was thrilled to get accepted!

I will be teaching in Arequipa, which is in the southeast of Peru. I look forward to improving my Spanish, meeting new friends, exploring different national parks and cities, and learning more about Peru! I am also a passionate rugby player and will be joining a local team, which I think will be a great way to make new friends, practice my Spanish and learn about Peru's culture. I am so excited to share my journey with you and to hear all about your school year!