"Bienvenidos" (Welcome) to Córdoba!

Córdoba, Spain
37.888175100000, -4.779383500000
Journal Entry:

Hola from Córdoba, Spain! As I write this first journal article, I’m sitting in my sunny office at the Rabanales campus of the University of Córdoba. (Fun fact! El rábano means "radish" in Spanish, and apparently, there used to be a big radish field where the university now sits, hence the name – ha!) Outside my window, I can see fields of olive trees and, behind them, some small mountains.

And I’m imagining all of you sitting on the third floor of City High, in what, in my mind, will forever be Señora Hall’s Spanish classroom. The one with pale wooden floors and lots of fun decorations reminiscent of Spain. (Maybe Ms. Eivins is in a different classroom, and you are not, in fact, in Señora Hall’s old room… but I suppose I’ll find that out when we have our first Zoom call).

I graduated from City High in 2012 and moved east to attend Grinnell College where I majored in Anthropology and Spanish. Anthropology is the study of people and culture. Unlike biology or chemistry, where research happens in a sterile, controlled lab, anthropologists do research out in the world by interviewing people and engaging in the everyday lives of those whom they study (this is called ‘participant observation’).