Abigail's Expedition to Peru

Current Location

Iquitos, Peru

Hola! Hello! I'm Abigail, and I am currently living in Peru studying the extent of water pollution in the Amazon River. Follow along as I meet new friends, try new foods, and explore my new home!


Living in the Amazon is a once in a lifetime experience that I hope to remember forever. From taking care of manatees to visiting Incan ruins, every week is a new adventure!


Come learn a little bit more about the history and culture of the city that has become my new “home” this year: Iquitos, Peru. Home to 500,000 people, this city thrives in the jungle!

Field Notes

I'm surrounded by nature in Iquitos, but there's one animal in particular that I have been spending a lot of time with over the past couple of months: the Amazon manatee!


Let's check in with Abby and see what she's been up to in Iquitos! From playing with baby Amazon manatees to collecting sand and water samples along the Amazon River, there's much to discuss.