Privacy Policy and Reach the World’s GeoGames (hosted by connect children to a broader world, and we urge both children and their parents to use and enjoy our website. While we encourage the interactive nature of online media, we strive to educate parents and children about how to appropriately safeguard their privacy when traveling on the Internet. is committed to complying fully with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. Our information collection practices are described below. We urge children to check with their parents before entering information on any website and we urge parents to discuss with their children restrictions regarding the online release of personal information to anyone they do not know.

What Information Is Collected?
At, it's our policy to create website content that requires minimal collection of information from our visitors. Generally, limits our collection of information from children to what is known as “non-personally identifiable information” (e.g. first name and teacher’s email). does not condition a child’s participation in any of our online activities on the disclosure of more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in the activity.

Electronic Questions provides children the opportunity to send electronic questions to the travelers featured on All questions are currently managed by the educator's online user account. We do not require children to submit personally identifiable information about themselves in order to send a question to the travelers. The information collected is used solely for the purpose of responding to messages and/or requests.

Use and Disclosure of Information uses or may use personally identifiable information that children provide for such purposes as sending requested electronic answers to their questions. does not disclose to third parties personally identifiable information that children provide.

Cookies are information files that your web browser places on the hard drive of your computer when you visit a website. Cookies cannot damage user files, nor can they read information from a user's hard drive. Cookies allow websites to "remember" users’ activities on a website as well as users’ visits to a site. You can disable cookies on your computer by indicating this in the preferences or options menus in your browser.

Parental Access
At, our goal is to help parents ensure that their children have a safe and fun online experience. Parents can contact us to review any identifiable information collected about their child, have this information deleted, and/or request that there be no further collection or use of their child's information. takes steps to verify the identity of anyone requesting information about a child and to ensure that the person is in fact the child's parent or legal guardian.

Security has taken steps to ensure that personally identifiable information collected in the future is secure, including limiting the number of people who have physical access to our database servers as well as electronic security systems and password protections which guard against unauthorized access.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding’s privacy policy and/or practices, please contact us at:

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