You Can Become An Explorer Too!

Studying biology instead of going to veterinary school allowed me to work with animals, which was the main reason I wanted to become a vet. I wish I knew earlier that there are different pathways you can choose depending on what you are passionate about, but no one told me that when I was younger. I know I don’t work with dogs or any pets now, but that’s totally fine for me because I like all animals!

Working with animals in soils different but really awesome! I get to see so many different kinds and each species is special in their own way. If you’re curious to see these critters in real life, keep reading! I’m sure you can find them in the soil of your backyard or in a city park too. You need to first get the animals out of the soil and then use hand lenses (or microscope) to see them.

If you really get into soil animals, use the iNaturalist app as a starting point! This is a website where you can submit pictures and people help you identify what animal you have. But remember, mites are tiny and this identification can be a little tricky. Nonetheless, I think you’ll like the resources this website provides. You don’t have to wait to go to college and study to learn about soil animals-- you can start now!

Lastly, if you are considering going to school for a degree related to soils or biology, the opportunities are endless! Keep doing a great job in school now, look for scholarships to help you pay for college and make sure to seek help from the people around you. Even though it might seem impossible to achieve, if you never try then you will never know how far you can go (and what you'll learn along the way)!

P.S. I am graduating next semester and have no idea what will come next for me.