This is Not Goodbye

All of these things are just as much Amman as are the nights of people driving down the street with music that I can hear from my house, or the stores that stay open late and host customers without a second thought.

Learning that Amman is still Amman has shown me that, as an outsider, there is still so much left for me to discover about this city. I knew I didn’t know much before quarantine started, and now I know that I have much left to explore when quarantine ends. However, my definition of exploration is a little different now. It’s not just about seeing new sights and places, although this is very much an important aspect of traveling and something that I plan to continue doing. Howvever, exploring and discovery can just be feeling the atmosphere of the city, its people and its culture. There doesn’t have to be a long trek, hike or drive involved in exploring. Exploring can be done from my bedroom, staring out of the window, and studying the city as it continues to evolve. 

Thank you all for coming with me on my journey thus far. I am saddened to say farewell to you all now! However, I hope you enjoyed your time with me, and I hope you learned just as much as I did.