For Immediate Release

Reach the World to Honor Ronan Farrow at The Princeton Club Tonight

NEW YORK, February 26, 2014. -- Reach the World, a New York City-based organization dedicated to providing global education and mentoring programs for disadvantaged youth, will present Ronan Farrow its Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism at its 14th-annual benefit dinner and auction. Reach the World nominated Farrow to receive this year’s award for his transformational work in global humanitarian issues and his founding and direction of the State Department's Office of Global Youth Issues in addition to his extensive work as a print journalist. He graciously accepted to attend tonight’s charity event to support educational projects for disadvantaged youth.

A media outlet posted a gossip item today suggesting that Ronan Farrow had warned reporters attending tonight’s ceremony not to inquire about “personal” issues. This is incorrect. The press tip sheet was created and distributed by Reach the World's own independent PR firm without being reviewed or approved by Ronan or any member of his team.

“Ronan and his team did not request any restrictions whatsoever on reporters’ questions,” says Heather Halstead, Executive Director of Reach the World. “Communications between Reach the World and members of the press have been the sole responsibility of RTW. We apologize to Ronan for this error.”  MSNBC had only specified that Farrow would not have that much time to answer reporters’ questions—not which kinds of questions, if any, were off-limits.

About the Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism:

Reach the World was honored to include Mr. Walter Cronkite as the Chairman of its Advisory Board until his death in 2009. In life, Mr. Cronkite was not only one of the world’s most esteemed journalists, but also a great explorer and adventurer.  His career represents the pinnacle of excellence in both exploration and journalism. Reach the World’s mission is to advocate for an exploratory, journalistic approach to learning for all students in all communities. The award is given annually to an individual who shows strong leadership in both exploration and journalism.