Columbus Ohio
39.961175500000, -82.998794200000
Journal Entry:

I'm Jennifer! I was born in New York City, but I now live in Columbus, Ohio. I am a junior at Ohio University and I'm studying Spanish, Linguistics and Latin American studies. I love watching Netflix, traveling, hanging out with friends, cooking and listening to music! My family is from Ghana which is in West Africa. I grew up balancing the Ghanaian culture and the American culture at the same time, which made me open to learn more about other people's cultures as well. 

I started learning Spanish in high school just like you all, and I decided to further my Spanish education in college. It's the best decision I have ever made! Since 2018, I have learned more Spanish than I could imagine. I have learned about so many different Latin American countries and Spain, and I even studied abroad in Toledo, Spain! Although due to the pandemic my study abroad was cut short, it was the best experience ever. Studying a new language broadened my perspective of life even more and has brought me an unexplainable joy. Cheers to Spanish!