Feeling More At Home in a New City

Zaragoza Spain
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Journal Entry:

Integrating into a new community has allowed me to learn the value of patience and perspective. I wanted to study abroad because I needed change. As a student, I learn by doing and I knew that I would grow profoundly by attending school across the Atlantic. I was attracted by the concept of exercising control of my life and at the same time, relinquishing all control to the unknown. It never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that I would love Spain as much as I do. The number one thing I learned in college is that plans will change and that's okay. It felt exhilarating knowing that I would have an opportunity to immerse myself in a country completely unknown to me. 

The Art of Being Alone

Before coming to Spain, I would frequently spend time alone in cafes, libraries and museums in Jersey City, NJ and Manhattan, NY. Having this prior experience has allowed me to efficiently balance my time exploring the city of Zaragoza while establishing a productive daily routine. For example, when I first moved here, I had a hard time incorporating cooking into my schedule. Now, I am happy to report that I love spending time in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes and trying new food from the grocery store.