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Carolyn's Journey to Rwanda

Carolyn Xue

Rachel M's Journey to Spain

Rachel McLaughlin

Deztiny's Journey to Spain

Deztiny Dennis

Megan's Journey to Vietnam

Megan Johnson

Jackie's Journey to Switzerland

Jackie Sirc

Ali's Journey to Israel

Ali Cohen

Jennifer's Journey to Germany

Jenny Giannini

Laura's Journey to Mauritius

Laura Collins

Katherine's Journey to France

Katherine Schauer

Alexander's Journey to Indonesia

Alexander Lopez-Perez

Daniel's Journey to Australia

Daniel Diaz

Nina's Journey to India

Nina Gummadi

Cambodia Expedition

Brianna Michelle Rowe

Weddell Sea Expedition

Holly Ewart

Priscilla's Journey to Spain

Priscilla Perez

Megan's Journey to China

Megan Prangley

Ryan's U.S.-Sudan Exchange

Ryan Barner

Natalie's U.S.-Sudan Exchange

Natalie Hagewood

Maggie's U.S.-Sudan Exchange

Maggie Deagon

Margo's U.S.-Sudan Exchange

Margo Steinhaus

Abby L's U.S.-Sudan Exchange

Abby Lau

Abby and Josh's U.S.-Sudan Exchange

Abby Faires
Josh Dilts

Alex's Journey to Spain

Alex Wagner

Ariana's Journey to Austria

Ariana Alexandrescu

Niecea's Journey to the Czech Republic

Niecea Freeman

Ahkenaton's Journey to Thailand

Ahkenaton Furdge

Green Space Khartoum Exchange

Ismail Ibrahim

The Amana Book Club Exchange

Nihal Ziada

The Green Space English Club Exchange

Sara Mohammed Elmanna

Bonnie's Journey to Italy

Bonnie Chen

Colleah's Journey to Ecuador

Colleah Gilbert

Jennifer's Journey to the Netherlands

Jennifer Lawrence

Arianny's Journey to Spain

Arianny Pujols-Mancilla

Audrey's Journey to Spain

Audrey De Paepe

Teresa's Journey to the Netherlands

Teresa Turco

Araya's Journey to the United Kingdom

Araya Sykes

Edna's Journey to Belgium

Edna Stewart

Erika's Journey to Poland

Erika Cyphert

Claire's Journey to Israel

Claire Messina

Nadezhda's Journey to Russia

Nadezhda Braun

Morgan's Journey to Germany

Morgan LeBaige

Raven's Journey to the United Kingdom

Raven Ferguson

Anna's Journey to Ireland

Anna Patterson

Marissa's Journey to Germany

Marissa Schoedel

Jessica's Journey to Colombia

Jessica Epstein

Teresa's Journey to China

Teresa Chappell

Sara's Journey to Spain

Sara Bonk

Mallika's Journey to Mongolia

Mallika Iyer

Emmanuel's Journey to Uganda

Emmanuel Dwomoh