"El Mundo es un Pañuelo"

Between Quina's quick-witted sarcasm, Aco's constant giggles, and Ili's stories of her students, it feels like we're always laughing about something!

I have also loved getting to know the teachers. They have gone above and beyond to mentor me as a teacher and to make me feel at home, especially Deby. On my first day, there were so many people to meet that I thought I would never learn all of the teachers' names— let alone the students'. It's hard to remember that now, because I feel as though I've known them all much longer than two months! One of my favorite parts of the week is eating lunch with them on Fridays after school. The teachers also supported me when I was nervous about getting the Covid vaccine. One of the teachers came to the hospital with me, and my phone blew up with supportive messages from the others checking in to see if I was doing okay with the side effects. It means a lot to know they are there for me. 

In addition to my roommates and co-teachers, I have made friends with other newcomers to the island, including a fellow English teacher from London and a physical therapist from Germany. We like going on adventures together and talking about different languages and cultures— from England, to the United States, to Germany, to Spain! 

Before coming to La Palma, I was nervous about being the only Fulbright English Teaching Assistant here. In the end, this has been a blessing because it has pushed me out of my comfort zone. It just dawned on me that I do not have any American friends on La Palma. I did not even think about that before writing this article for you, because I have loved becoming friends with people from other cultures and becoming integrated into the community.