Farewell France... Hello rest of the world!


Back to the original plot of the story... I said, well I’m already here, might as well go see them. It definitely helped that my plane ticket from France to England was only $30! My first impression of being in England was that anyone who drives there is either insane or an incredible driver. The roads are a lot narrower, and there are even parts that have a zig zag line in the road, which means that the road is too narrow for two cars to pass one another, and one person has to pull over and wait for the other person to drive past. 

My cousins took me pretty much everywhere! The first place I went was Windsor Castle. To my understanding, Windsor castle is 1,000 years old, and the Queen still lives there. You can tell if she’s home if the British flag is flying or not.  We also went to London and walked around Buckingham Palace, and the city center. 

I then spent about a week with my cousins who live in London. They took me to all they favorite food spots including my new favorite place, Green Street. London has a huge South Asian population. So much so that there are neighborhoods and streets that are historically all south Asian residents and even street signs in languages from South Asia like Hindi. Green street has a lot of south Asian shopping, grocery, and food. What makes this place my favorite is that it was the first place I had been to outside of Pakistan that made good and authentic Pakistani street food. Food I hadn't eaten since I was a kid and living in Pakistan. I would show you a picture but that would mean I took a second to take a picture and didn't immediately start eating everything I saw... just trust me that it was all so good!