Telling the Story of MOSAiC

To bring back data is to bring back a story that encapsules the hard work of a community who understand that the knowledge they bring home is much bigger than themselves. It is evidence-based information that can help us better predict the future of our Arctic in global climate model systems. Now the real work begins; the MOSAiC community has to make sense of what we found and its significance.

The most important thing I learned on MOSAiC is that knowledge is the world’s greatest gift, and its acquisition is only as successful as the community that seeks it. The knowledge from MOSAiC builds upon a rich community of Arctic stakeholders like Indigenous communities and explorers. This knowledge does not live solely in the Arctic, for what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. The Arctic impacts our global climate system. It is clear that the Arctic is one of the most rapidly changing regions on our planet, and that the delicate balances which make up the Arctic climate system are impacted by a changing climate.

As youth, you are heirs to our planet--the new keepers of this knowledge. It's a massive responsibility. Mobilizing storytelling and humanizing science communication allows us to interact with science in a different way. It allows us to understand what it takes to get a number and how these numbers impact us. It is up to us who inherit this knowledge to build upon it, and to make decisions that will help us understand the future of the Arctic and what that means to us.