Understanding the Arctic Winter

Why does the community have this need?:

Getting scientists to the Central Arctic during the winter months is both expensive and complicated. However, understanding the changes that are taking place in this region is important for understanding the world as a whole. People all over the world need to know if the changing Arctic might be a factor in extreme weather events. We rely on scientists like the MOSAiC Expedition participants to tackle this challenge and collect the data we need to understand it all. I love to discover new things about our world, and the scientific community perfectly represent the the human need to explore and understand.

Is this need being met? How?:

Yes! The MOSAiC Expedition is collecting an extraordinary amount of data which will shed light on all parts of the Arctic system. We hope to collect all the puzzle pieces in order to form a more complete picture. The MOSAiC Expedition is made up of five teams: 1) The ice team, 2) the atmosphere team, 3) the ocean team, 4) the ecosystem team, and 5) the biogeophysical-chemistry team. Each team of specialists collects data on their part of the Arctic Ocean system. As a scientific community, we will work together for many years to see how everything fits together. We will also use these data to improve models that let us predict the future. Through teamwork and a willingness to endure hardships in the name of knowledge, the scentific community is moving towards a better understanding of this complex and important part of the world.

Central Arctic Ocean