Cold-Loving Critters: Animals of the Central Arctic

Seals are one of their main sources of food!

What can harm this creature or plant? Are we worried about it?:

These animals are part of the balanced and intricate food web of the Central Arctic. Most of them, aside from the polar bears, are food for an animal that is larger than them. The polar bears eat ringed seals. Cod are eaten by bears, seals, and foxes. Cod need to eat copepods and the copepods need to eat the algae. Although this may seem harmful to each induvial species, it is a part of nature and how these animals survive.

One unnatural thing that can harm all these animals is climate change and a warming Arctic. A warmer Arctic means less sea ice. All of these animals depend on the sea ice for food, shelter, and transportation. This means the sea ice is a crucial part of the Arctic ecosystem. If one animal, such as algae for example, does not have the sea ice to live in, trickling effects to larger animals cause the food web to be off balance. No algae means no food for the copepods, no copepods means no food for the cod, and no cod means no food for the seals, foxes, and polar bears. Without the sea ice, it would be very difficult for these animals to survive!

Central Arctic Ocean