Traveler Bio

Hi, young explorers! My name is Aarthi, and I am a scientist who studies forest and marine (water) animals. I grew up in India, and then moved to Texas when I turned 18. I studied biology (living things) and chemistry (what objects are made up of) in college. I love watching predators such as sharks, anacondas, and lions build nature behind the scenes. These large animals have a huge part to play in our ecosystems, and they help even the tiny plants grow. Every animal has a role in balancing nature.

As a field scientist and Fulbright U.S. Student Program researcher, my camera is always ready to take pictures of the people and animals I meet. I cannot wait to fly to French Polynesia, a beautiful paradise with plenty of underwater animals such as fish, sting rays, and sharks! Using many large, underwater cameras, I will study how these animals talk to each other in the ocean, and how we humans affect them with fishing and tourism. Are you ready to embark on this underwater expedition in paradise with me? I'll show you what it's like to be a marine (ocean) biologist, and together we can investigate the world beneath the waves. Let's go!