Iquitos: The Vibrant Jungle City

Iquitos, Peru
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Journal Entry:

I am a firm believer that a home can be more than just a place; however, where you live has a profound impact on your daily life, and I wanted to share a little bit more about the history and culture of the city that has become my new “home” this year. Iquitos, Peru is a cosmopolitan city with strong Amazonian roots, a remarkable history, and a characteristic gastronomy. Iquitos is the metropolis of the Peruvian Amazon, often described as a vibrant jungle city teeming with the usual and inexplicably addictive Amazonian anomalies. 

The date of foundation of the city is uncertain, but historical documents state that it began as a Spanish outpost established by the Jesuits, an apostolic religious community that continues to exist today, on the banks of the Nanay River in the middle of the eighteenth century. Iquitos was a small town until the installation of the Naval Factory in the middle of the nineteenth century, as Iquitos is favorably located to be an internal port that allows the connection between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.