Traveler Bio

Ni-hao! Konnichiwa! Hello! My name is Ada Zheng. I'm from Queens, New York.

Quick fun fact, I can speak Mandarin Chinese and Japanese! Back at home, I love thrift shopping and stopping by all the New York museums. In the Fall, I like to drive up to upstate New York to hike and take pictures. I'm also a fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s anime such as "Spirited Away." 

This year I am traveling to Tokyo, Japan because I'm minoring in Japanese, and since childhood, I like to watch Japanese cartoons. I'm very excited about all the delicious night food stands in Tokyo! Very lucky that I'm traveling in the Spring for the cherry blossoms, New Year festivals, and much more. It is always exciting to travel and learn about another country and I hope you will enjoy hearing my story too. Looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing this adventure together! Will you join me?

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