Traveler Bio

¡Hola amigos! (Hi friends!)

My name is Allyson and I am so excited to share my adventures in Spain with you over the next few weeks. I am 19 years old and in my second year of college at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I grew up in a really small town in Alabama. We had almost as many cows as we did people. Isn’t that crazy? I am from a really big family. I am one of six kids!

Life at my house has always been lots of fun, but I said goodbye to my family recently and left my home for a few months so I could travel all around the world and learn new things. I am learning so much about myself and all of the people around me. I'm currently living in a city called Valencia in the country of Spain. I take classes every day and learn about the history of culture and civilizations in this region of the world. I also take language classes to help me speak and understand Spanish better.

I couldn't be more excited to share this opportunity with you as we begin this extraordinary journey together! By the time we're finished, I hope you'll have gotten a small glimpse of what a beautiful world we live in and the incredible people we share this planet with.

Ready? Let's go!