Amal's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Kyoto, Japan

Hi! I'm Amal, and I'm spending ten months in Kyoto, Japan doing robotics research! I am also trying to experience as much about Japanese culture, society and nature as possible. Join me on my journey!


Earlier in my adventures, my friends and I visited Hiroshima. During World War II, the U.S. dropped the world's first atomic bomb on this city. Today it is a symbol of peace, beauty and hope.


Even though I'm sad to say goodbye, I'm excited that we can take what we have learned through this journey and apply it in our lives.

Field Notes

Japan has mountains everywhere. This shapes everything from farming to urban design to natural disasters to culture. Read on to see how the mountains impact day-to-day life in Japan!


In middle school, I wrote a report about the Sapporo Snow Festival and have wanted to come ever since. I finally got the chance this weekend!