Angelica's Journey to Russia

Current Location

Moscow Russia

Howdy, my name is Angelica Evans. Last spring I studied foreign policy and the Russian language in Moscow, Russia. I am so excited to share what my life was like in Russia with all of you!


This is a basic introduction to my spring study abroad. I'll tell you about the weather, a little bit about Russian society and what my day to day life looked like!


This semester has been unexpected, but so fun. I'm so glad I was able to share my experience in Russia with all of you! I hope you've made the best of this crazy time and you continue learning more!

Field Notes

Muscovites (citizens of Moscow) have a need for space. Homes in Russia are small, so life is pushed out into more public spaces. 


When I was in Russia, we took a tour of inside the Kremlin walls! We were even lucky enough to see the changing of the President's guards. Let me show you what's behind those famous red walls!