Traveler Bio

Ciao (Hello) from Rome, Italy!

My name is Anne, and I am 20 years old. I am excited for you to join my explorations of Italy. Italy is a country in Europe, all the way across the Atlantic ocean; it took eight hours to fly here from the U.S. 

At home in Minnesota, I have a mom, dad, sister, and a dog named Bode. Bode is a 70-pound poodle with black and white polka dots all over him. When I take him on walks, bikers and runners ask me if he is a dalmatian, cow, or horse! I stay in touch with my family the same way I will with you--I write them letters and send pictures.

Being from Minnesota, I grew up skiing a lot! Italy has some of the best skiing in the world, so I am excited to ski in the Dolamite mountains in Italy in March. I also enjoy learning about the world around me. The city of Rome is 2,775 years old. Because of its old age, Rome contains endless works of art, such as paintings and sculptures, and it has really old, beautiful buildings such as churches and temples. 

While I am here, I will be learning about art. When I look at art, I allow my imagination to run wild, asking myself, “What secret message is hidden in this painting?” and creating a story in my mind about the art. My classmates and I will explore museums and parks, meet local Italians, speak Italian, and eat lots of gelato and pizza (Italy is known for those two specialties). 

I am excited to share my adventures with you! Arrivederci (Goodbye) for now!