ARCSPIN Expedition to Arctic Alaska

Current Location

Utqiaġvik, Alaska

Travel to the frontline of climate change in far-north Alaska alongside a team of researchers who are investigating the relationship between melting permafrost and changes within clouds.


Hi, I'm Dr. Marina Nieto-Caballero. I joined the ARCSPIN Expedition as a researcher to study microbes in permafrost, water bodies and air. Let me show you what it is like to work in remote locations!


The Arctic climate is changing faster than anywhere else on Earth. We’re here studing how permafrost is thawing out and releasing specks of dirt and microbes in the air that could affect weather.

Field Notes

Sampling the Arctic land in Alaska is not easy. The roads are made of dirt, so there’s a lot of mud and plenty of ways to get stuck! Here's how we work together to navigate this difficult terrain.


Ready to hear directly from the ARCSPIN Expedition team as they call in from Utqiaġvik, Alaska, the northernmost community in the entire United States? See first-hand what Arctic fieldwork looks like!