Most of my teachers are really young. They encourage us not only to read but also to internalize and innovate with the knowledge they provide. They encourage us to talk and build relationships with the Korean students despite our language barrier. The local students also try hard to communicate with those of us that speak only English and are very eager to get to know us. Additionally, I have felt the pressure of midterms and the building anxiety of final exams, something that is new to me. Somehow, I felt that I was always able to cope with it in the US, but with the high-stakes enviorment around education here, it just feels different.

Now that the term is coming to an end, I will miss the people and the scenery the most. Through the last few months, I was able to see wonderful sites. One thing I love about Korea is their dedication to the environment and their beautiful landscapes. From the city center filled with colorful trees and resting areas where people can enjoy a nice stroll, to the outskirts of Busan filled with fields and historical sites, Korea is a beautiful country filled with history and rich in culture. Wherever you go, you can also find kind and helpful people. They will reach out to you if they see you're lost, and they will offer their help if they see you struggling to understand the language, but most of all, they create a sense of safety like no other. That is why I will enjoy the last few days I have left and keep creating memories that I hope to continue sharing with you! Stay tuned for more articles about my life exploring this beautiful country!