Grade A Punctuality in Korea’s Transportation system


Seoul is full of wonderful local hidden gems and spots for tourists to explore, and the easiest and most affordable way to go to those destinations is through public transportation. Korea's public transportation network is comprised of a bus and subway system. The buses are color-coded depending on the area or distance you might want to go. Local buses are green, yellow buses stop at major business areas, and blue and red buses travel longer distance or have longer routes. Every bus stop has a digital screen that tells you the status of the bus as either full (in the color red), comfortable (in the color yellow), or empty (in the color green).

How do people get around?:

Korail is Korea's primary subway line. The subway is compromised of two major systems, the cityline subway and the outskirts subway. Depending on where in Korea you wish to go, all you need is enough money on your T-Money card. These cards scan be purchased at any convinced store such as Gs25, CU or 711. T-Money cards allow you acces to all major public transportation and can even pay for taxi services. Reloading is super simple, because you just stop by any convenience store, give the cashier the cash you wish to load on to the card, and they will add it to your T-Money.