Many Jobs, One Title


Field biology usually requires some handiwork: I had to repair this kinakjou trap, as the mesh keeping kinkajous from stealing bananas out the back had come off
We capture kinkajous by setting bananas inside of these traps... when they walk inside to grab the banana, a door closes behind them so they stay in one place until we can give them their radio collar
The ultimate goal of trapping the kinkajous is to give them a radio collar that will help us track their movements and locations: I had to program the collar in preparation for a kinkajou capture
Sometimes, kinkajous who have already received collars visit our traps for a free snack
Another type of trap we use is a camera trap, which automatically takes pictures of animals that walk by
Camera traps are perfect for seeing what animals are visiting an area at all times of the day
Even though camera traps don't really "trap" animals, they can capture some cool images, like this ocelot