How Far We've Come

I've spent enough time with these people and shared enough hours of stories, dances, and songs to feel like I've found a new family away from home. 

I know that the tourists who visit Barro Colorado Island every week must enjoy their time here. It's a beautiful island with an incredible range of life that calls it home. But in the last 46 days, I've come to understand that short-term visitors only getting a glimpse of the place I've been so lucky to call home. You can see so much more of a place with the luxury of a longer stay. You have more time to notice new things and let yourself settle into the local culture. Some of the things that scared, bothered or confused me about the island five weeks ago seem silly to me now. It can take a while to overcome first impressions of a place, but I am so glad that I've had the opportunity to see Barro Colorado Island for long enough to change my original perception. And I am especially glad that I've been able to share that journey with all of you!