Fires and Floods: Climate Change Impacts in Australia

Sydney, Australia
-33.868819700000, 151.209295500000
Journal Entry:

Now that I’ve shared my journey with you over several weeks, many things probably come to mind when you think of Australia. From unique wildlife like kangaroos and Eucalyptus trees to iconic locations like the Sydney Opera House, there’s so much that makes this country exciting! But while Australia is known for many wonderful things, it is also becoming increasingly associated with catastrophic weather events like bushfires and floods. While some degree of flooding and fire is natural to Australia and many other parts of the world, climate change has driven an increase in their frequency and intensity. This week, we’ll learn about how  climate change impacts Australia and what we can do to prevent further damage.

The term “climate change” refers to a global shift in long-term weather patterns. While the climate has changed multiple times over our planet’s history, it has changed more rapidly since the 19th century. Most of this recent change is due to human activity, especially from greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

How exactly the climate is changing depends on where you are. Overall, global temperatures are rising and CO2 concentrations are increasing, but local factors vary.