Traveler Bio

Hello, folks! My name is Camille Sicangco, and I am a plant ecologist. I was born in the Philippines but grew up in sunny Florida. In May 2022, I graduated from the University of Florida, where I got hooked on studying plants! I love everything about our leafy friends but am especially interested in understanding how the environment affects the physical design of the plant and how plants respond to changes in their environment. My research has taken me from the beautiful pine flatwoods of northern Florida all the way to the coastal shrubland of southern California.

I am fortunate to be conducting research abroad for a year as a Fulbright U.S student in Sydney, Australia, where I'll study eucalypt trees (which you most likely heard are the favorite snack of one of Australia's most famous residents, the koala)! Besides keeping koalas happy, eucalypts are amazing for several reasons. I am especially interested in their ability to withstand heat waves and droughts. In my research, I use math to predict how different tree species withstand these events. This work helps us to understand how forests will be affected by climate change and work to conserve them.

When I am not crawling around in the bushes or solving equations, I love to spend my time exploring Sydney's diverse suburbs, staying active through dance and yoga, or enjoying a good book while relaxing outdoors.

Follow my adventures in Australia to learn more about their forests, my koala sightings, and more!