A Little Bit About Me

London, Ontario, Canada
42.984923300000, -81.245276800000
Journal Entry:

Hello! My name is Carlos, and I am very excited to have you join me as I travel to some beautiful peatlands, ecosystems which are very important in relation to climate change. Peatlands in North America occupy about 32% of global peatland cover! That means that there are many places in Canada and in the United States that have peatlands. I'm looking forward to show some of them to you.

I am a scientist, and since 2016, I have been studying to become a doctor--a doctor in soil sciences, not a physician. One of my dreams is to become a university professor. To achieve this, I will complete many years of studying and research, and complete training in teaching methods, too. I wish to return the knowledge I have been gaining during this time to science students who are interested in climate change. Our planet is precious, and we must take care of it!

I am writing you from London, but not the London you know! I live in London, Ontario, Canada; not London in England. London is a nice city located southwest of Toronto and very rich in terms of parks where you can relax and enjoy nature within walking distance. Every day I either walk or ride my electric scooter along a trail in a park that connects my place to the university, and this is an easy and simple way to connect to nature.