Charlotte's Journey to China

Current Location

Bejing, China

Hi! I'm Charlotte. I'm a scientist studying snow leopards in China! I live in Beijing and travel a lot to do my research. Let's explore the culture and history of this incredible country together!


I really enjoy living in Beijing, but spend a lot of time in a much smaller city called Yushu. 


It has been great getting to know your class! I've enjoyed sharing my passion for conservation and snow leopards and I hope you learned a lot.

Field Notes

Dealing with trash from over 20 million people in one city can be a huge endeavour. For the most part, Beijing does a good job with this, and deploys a number of strategies to deal with it. 


Want to hear all about Charlotte's research but missed the live call? You can watch this Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants recording anytime. Don't miss the "Can you spot the snow leopard?" game!