Traveler Bio

Hi! I am Charly Plaisir, a wildlife biologist specialized in eastern grey kangaroos. Eastern grey kangaroos are marsupials found all over eastern Australia. They are most famous for their unique way of moving about: hopping. This method allows them to travel extremely long distances using little energy, something we ought to learn how to do, if you ask me!

Speaking of long distances, I'm lucky to travel from Montreal, Canada to Australia once a year for three months to observe eastern grey kangaroos in their natural environment. Everything about kangaroos fascinates me, but I am slightly more interested in how well young kangaroos can survive and grow, especially when it does not rain a lot--or when it rains too much. When kangaroos cannot find enough grass to feed on, that can lead to larger problems—that’s where I come into play.

My work involves getting quite close to live kangaroos. I measure them, weigh them, and look inside mothers’ pouch to see how old their babies (called joeys) are. We also have the chance to measure the grass growth and the sheer number of kangaroos on their territory four times a year. This helps us answer key questions about kangaroos' relationship with their food.

Want to learn more? Join me on a virtual exchange expedition to the grasslands of eastern Australia, where we're explore this fascinating animal, STEM careers, and what it's like to conduct field science. Let's go!