Food in South Korea


This topic is by far a personal favorite of mine. As someone who adores Asian cuisine, I made a point of indulging in Korean cuisine while I was here. In any culture, food is a major staple, as it can unite communities and is passed down through generations. The same holds true here in South Korea, where the dining culture centers around community and sharing food with the ones you love. 

What food did I try?:

A huge staple of Korean cuisine is Korean barbeque. Typical BBQ's offer a choice of beef or pork as the main protein with a wide selection of sides such as kimchi, rice, and lettuce. Pork is generally my first choice, both because of its taste and because it requires less attention on the grill than beef.

How did I feel when I tried it?:

Something about preparing the food yourself makes for a much more fufilling meal. Not only that, but sitting with friends and sharing food really does make the event worthwile. Telling stories and laughing around the grill waiting for food strengthens the feeling of camaraderie between everyone at the table. 

How is the food prepared?:

Traditionally, Korean BBQ is prepared at a grill fixed in the table, unlike in the U.S.A. where the BBQ is prepared on a grill in another room.