Nos Vemos!

Bahía Blanca, Argentina
-38.718299865723, -62.266300201416
Journal Entry:

Well, it looks like our time together has come to an end. With that being said, I want to wrap up my journey with all of you and leave you with a little advice as well as some things that I have learned during my short few months here in Argentina.

I think the biggest lesson I have learned here so far is to always be open to new experiences. When I first arrived, I set a goal to approach everything with an open mind. This is definitely easier said than done, especially if you are like me and are very picky about certain things. I knew that being in another country for nearly a year would require me to let go of some habits and preferences that I usually hold on to while in the United States. However, I did not realize that it would mean changing who I am, becoming a completely different person.

One example is my living situation here in Argentina. I live in a college house provided by the program that I am here with. I only pay about $120 dollars a month to live here, and one can assume what kinds of living conditions exist with such a low rent fee. The house I live in is more like a shack. It is very small, with two bedrooms and a tiny bathroom and no washing machine or dryer. There is no living room or couch, and the majority of the house is the kitchen.