Claire's Journey to Israel

Current Location

Jerusalem, Israel

Hello! My name is Claire Messina and I am studying Hebrew, Arabic and international relations at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. I am excited to share my journey with you all!


Jerusalem has a lot of great places to eat at and adventure to. Slowly I have been making my way to new areas of the city to visit! I have eaten a lot of good food and seen a lot of beautiful things! 


This semester is about to end for me, and a new one will begin in February. I am looking forward to experiencing Israel in a new way next semester with the new people joining the program! 

Field Notes

The use of plastic in Israel is extremely hard to avoid. Remains of plastic bottles and bags litter are found everywhere. On top of this, there is no effective recycling system. 


I celebrated Thanksgiving in Jerusalem with a big dinner and now have the opportunity to celebrate Hanukkah and the beginning of the Christmas season!!