Traveler Bio

Yassas ('Hello' in Greek), my name is Damaris and I was born and raised in Washington D.C. 

I am a third-year college student studying psychology at Lewis & Clark College with the goal of becoming an elementary education teacher. I have wanted to become a teacher since I was in third grade and that goal hasn’t changed since. In the past, I traveled to Costa Rica in sixth grade, Ecuador in eighth grade, and the Dominican Republic after my first year in college. Now I am studying abroad in Athens, Greece for 4 months and I am so excited to meet new people, learn about a new culture, and volunteer here.

Since I have always had a love for animals and nature, especially dogs, I began volunteering with an organization called Anima so I could help out the animals that get hurt in Greece. I also want to volunteer with a local school in Athens to teach young students to speak English. I’m so excited to be able to update you and share these experiences with you all as I go on my travel journey.

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