Traveler Bio

Kenalkan! Hello! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Danny Knoll, and I am living in Payakumbuh, a city located in a tropical jungle valley of West Sumatra, which is part of a large island within the beautiful archipelago country of Indonesia. Here there are palm trees, coconuts, gorgeous rice fields, orangutans, birds of paradise, and most shocking of all, three enormous volcanoes surrounding the city!

I am at just about the farthest point in the world away from my hometown in Pennsylvania. I grew up near Philadelphia and went to Marist College in New York where I studied history and education so that I could become a history teacher. Instead of teaching history right after I graduated college, I decided to apply for a Fulbright scholarship so that I could teach English in another country and learn how world history is taught from a different perspective.

Here in Indonesia, there is a rich diversity of cultures and local histories that are widely unknown to many Americans. I hope that this experience will enrich my knowledge so that I can share these findings and understandings with you all and other students in America when I return to teach history with a more globally-oriented mind. Let's have an adventure together!