Genevieve's Journey to Argentina

Current Location

San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina

Hi! My name is Genevieve, and for the next few months I'll be studying Spanish and ecology in Tucumán, Argentina! After that, I'll be conducting research in beautiful Patagonia. Come along!


Hola World Travelers! This week we are learning a little more about Tucumán and then flying to the ocean coast! Together we will see historic buildings, eat delicious seafood and explore new cities!


We have spent the semester sharing stories, hearing music, and learning about the culture of Argentina. This is only the start of your many international adventures! I cannot wait to see you abroad!

Field Notes

One of my favorite activities is meeting and working with wildlife. Let's go together to meet a very special creature: The tapir!


Argentina is rich with the strumming of guitar strings, the beating of drums, and sweet voices filling the air with singing. Every song  leaves you wanting more! Here is some music for you!