Traveling in Jordan


When I first came to Jordan, I did not put much thought into how I would get around the country or even the city -- I was too busy packing and daydreaming to get into the details of life abroad! I was told that I would be taking taxis once I arrived, but I was in for a shock once I touched down.

How do people get around?:

People who have lived in Jordan their whole lives most likely have a car, or they have a family member with a car. However, there are other ways, besides the automobile, for people to get around, here; and this applies to locals as well as to new residents. There are many forms of public transportation in Jordan. One popular form is called a coaster bus, which is a bus that picks people up from popular spots around the city to take them to other popular spots. This bus service is extremely cheap - a ride costs, typically, around 40 qirsh. These buses are, therefore, convenient if you happen to live in a heavily-populated part of the city, such as downtown. However, when I lived, initially, with a host family, I was based in the suburbs where there were no coaster buses around. So, I had to take a taxi, instead. Jordanian taxis work just like American taxis, and a typical ride costs around two or three (at most four) dinar.