Traveler Bio

Assalaamu aleykum! Peace be unto you! Bonjour! Hello! My name is Gregory Fucheck, but you can call me Greg. I'm 23 years old and from Montrose, New York but live in Senegal. I grew up spending lots of time doing outdoor activities, playing sports and traveling. I continued much of that in college while also studying history, education and French at Colgate University in central New York. After five years there, I finished with a Master’s Degree in teaching and am currently in the process of receiving my certification to teach high school social studies in New York. Over the past two summers, I combined my love of the outdoors and professional interest in education while working in Denali National Park, Alaska. After wrapping up the summer season there (it was snowing when I left in September!), I was very fortunate to receive a U.S Fulbright Student Award from the Fulbright U.S Student Program to teach English in Senegal. It's now my second month in the land of teranga (Wolof word meaning hospitality), and I'm looking forward to helping my students improve their English, foster cross-cultural connections between the U.S. and Senegal and explore everything this wonderful country has to offer!