Time to Say Goodbye!

Dublin, Ireland
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Journal Entry:

Hello everyone!

The time has come for us to say goodbye! I have had such an amazing time sharing my journey with you all and Skyping with you last week! 

The opportunity to study abroad has been an amazing one for me and something I wholly encourage you all to do! I have been able to meet so many people and see so many amazing things in just one semester. I've also learned about a whole new culture that I have been able to not only view but also to become a part of. I have lived here and participated in celebrating holidays, shopping for groceries and going to school. 

Studying abroad has also taught me to be more independent and not afraid to do things I want to do even if I do them by myself. Before I came here, I was sometimes nervous to do things by myself but being abroad has taught me to do things that are important to me whether it be by myself or with friends. This is especially true because I don't know when I will be here in the U.K. or in Europe again so I might as well see the things I want to see while I can. Always make sure you do what you are interested in so that you leave your trip satisfied with what you have seen, learned and experienced. 

Studying abroad has also made me consider what I want to do in the future as well.