Helen's Journey to Trinidad & Tobago

Current Location

Curepe, Trinidad and Tobago

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you're joining me in Trinidad & Tobago and I study water quality in recreational bodies of water. Let's learn more about this unique island culture together!


This week, I attended a Diwali festival in the south of Trinidad in a city called Siparia. It was interesting to see how people in the south of Trinidad differed from those in the north where I live. 


It is my final entry! Thank you guys for making my first four months in Trinidad more exciting and allowing me to reflect on my time here every week. I hope you have enjoyed learning with me!

Field Notes

Where I live, trash and water services are provided much like they are at home. The water is safe to drink, and the trash is collected regularly. It helps to keep a healthy environment. 


Trinidad is known for its oil production. However, oil spills can happen and have a negative impact on the water, land and animals. I went to a training course on how to help oiled birds.