Henry's Journey to Denmark

Current Location

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hello! I am in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I am focusing on international law, counter-terrorism, and some small Scandinavian studies. Along with my studies, I will also be visiting Kosovo. Join me! 


Hallo alle!

When looking at a map of Germany and the countries around it, you'll find two things: Denmark isn't part of Germany, and Denmark is quite small. So, what is Denmark all about?


The pictures and much of the information provided in this post come from my short study of the E.U. in Brussels, hosted by the E.U. and the U.S. Department of State for Gilman Scholars.

Field Notes

Read on to learn about all the different ways in which I get around the city of Copenhagen!


Denmark and Germany are neighbors and have a shared history, but how similar are these country's cities? This week, I'm here to show the differences between Copenhagen and Hamburg!