Merhaba (Welcome) to my Experience in Jordan!

Amman, Jordan
31.953949400000, 35.910635000000
Journal Entry:

Hello everyone! My name is Iman (pronounced "ee-mah-n") and I am writing to you from the capital city of Jordan, Amman! You are probably wondering where in the world Jordan is and who I am? Let's get started with Jordan (and no, not the shoe "Jordan").

Jordan is a small country in Western Asia or what is known as the "Middle East" and sits on the rocky deserts of the northern Arabian peninsula. Jordan is a fairly young country with an ancient history and historical features. Ancient civilizations have occupied the area of modern-day Jordan, including the Roman province of Arabia Petraea. Jordan neighbors the countries Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Palestine — which are all Middle Eastern countries that speak Arabic. Jordan is bordered by the Dead Sea, a salt lake with no life or fish. Jordan has a mostly desert environment and it is warm most of the year, similar to my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

I grew up in Georgia and have always enjoyed reading books, visiting cafes and exploring art museums with my friends. For college, I stayed in Georgia and went to the state's capital city of Atlanta to study Political Science and Arabic at Georgia State University.