Swiss Migrant and Refugee Communities

This is why countries like the United States and Switzerland must continue to work hard to protect people's healthcare access, regardless of where the people come from. In Switzerland (and every part of the world), refugees and migrants should be protected and have their health needs met ,so that they too can help build their communities, bigger and stronger. 

Is this need being met? How?:

There are many organizations that work hard to help the migrants who come to Switzerland to make better lives for themselves. These include the International Office for Migration (IOM), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and Medicines Sans Frontiers, or MSF  (which we know as Doctors Without Borders). These organizations help ensure that refugees are safe, receive education, and get the healthcare they need. The organizations also help migrants find jobs, learn about the laws that can protect them and get better skills. Without the help of these organizations, entire communities would suffer even more than they already have been. Thanks to the humanitarian work of these organizations, refugees and migrants can find new lives and call Switzerland home. I really love the mission of all of these organizations and hope that I can one day work for one of them! 

Geneva, Switzerland