Swiss Migrant and Refugee Communities


Considered one of the world's humanitarian capitals, Switzerland is home to many international organizations that help build a better, more just world. These groups seek to build a world where people have equal access to their needs and can have safe, healthy lives. Because of these values that Switzerland holds so dear, many refugees who are trying to escape poverty and danger in their countries come to Switzerland. They hope that they can have better lives, live and work with freedom and have access to healthcare and education. These refugees and migrants who come to Switzerland looking for jobs create vibrant communities in Switzerland. Their cultures get blended into the larger Swiss communities, and their influence can be seen in stores, restaurants, music and art. Since the number of migrants and refugees is growing, there are many organizations in Switzerland that seek to help these people thrive in their new country. 

What community need did I learn about?:

While in Switzerland, I learned much about Europe's migrant and refugee crisis. As a result of wars, famines, poverty and other problems, many refugees flee their home countries and take long and dangerous trips to reach Europe for a better life. Migrants also leave their countries for new lives where they can work and support their families.